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 Biodiversity Week 2009 
Above photo shows Louth Nature Trust Biodiversity Event at the Little Tern Conservation Project at Baltray. 

Louth loves biodiversity


Local people are being invited to take part in Biodiversity Week (18th to 25th May 2009) events taking place in the Wee County.


Two public events will be held this Sunday, 24th May.  From 11 am to 1 pm the Louth Nature Trust will be holding an Open Day at their highly successful little tern wardening project on the sand dunes at the mouth of the Boyne estuary at Baltray.  On Sunday evening, Breffni Martin of the Louth branch of BirdWatch Ireland will be leading an unusual evening event – a ‘dusk chorus’ at Rathescar Lake near Dunleer.


Brendan McSherry, Louth heritage officer, congratulated the two local wildlife groups on their initiative and energy on behalf of Louth’s wildlife:  “the little tern is the rarest breeding seabird in the country.  Until the Louth Nature Trust set up its wardening project in 2007, the birds had raised almost no chicks since 1990.  In the last two years more chicks successfully fledged than probably took to the air in the previous century. This is an excellent example of Louth people taking action themselves to protect, conserve and boost their own special biodiversity. I would encourage anyone with an interest in wildlife and the countryside to come along and see what this team of volunteers, who warden the birds’ breeding colony around the clock, do to ensure they breed.


“Another brilliant, inspirational local story is that of the Louth branch of BirdWatch Ireland, which holds regular outings and events, all of which not only raise the awareness of local people of their own wildlife but also help attract visitors to enjoy Louth’s lovely environment. Following on from a Dawn Chorus event at Listoke last Saturday morning, the group will be shifting to the other end of the day, with a dusk event at Rathescar Lake on Sunday evening (thanks to the Louth Federation of Game Clubs).


“It is inspiring to see people with such love and enthusiasm for the other creatures with which we share the world and upon which we depend for our own survival and I wish them every success in spreading their interest to others.



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