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 Buzzard Release 

Louth Nature Trust Release Rehabilitated Buzzard

The successful release of a buzzard back into a natural habitat, the wood at Dunany House, was celebrated by the Louth Nature Trust as a great achievement and very memorable moment. And not surprisingly so as it concludes a remarkable comeback by the bird, against the odds.  It also brings about the end of the close relationship volunteer Maurice Conaghy developed when nurturing the bird back to health.

The large bird of prey was brought to a vet with an injured wing approximately a year and a half ago.  The vet concluded there was little hope of the buzzard ever flying again.

Louth Nature Trust volunteer Maurice Conaghy intervened and decided to take the buzzard home. Through dedicated care and expertise, he managed to nurse the buzzard back to health over the last year and a half.  It was a long process but was well worth it, when, at Dunany House on Sunday 14 September, Louth Nature Trust released the buzzard which successfully flew away. 

It was a heart stopping moment as the cage was opened.  The bird made a slow start, hopping from branch to branch, but then flew off, at last able to enjoy again the freedom which was once so natural to it, and which it might never have seen again. 

Buzzards were once extinct in Ireland but since the use of Strychnine was prohibited in 1991 they have been making a gradual come back.

Thanks to Caroline Workman for hosting the release of the buzzard at the grounds of Dunany House.

To view a video clip of the buzzard being released press play on the player below.


Photos below are © Eric O'Neill
Sandra McKeever, Susan McKeever, Maurice Conaghy, Margaret Reilly, Caroline Workman

Maurice Conaghy releases buzzard

Buzzard flies off successfully



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