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Meadow Pipits and Skylarks

While we wait for something to happen on the tern front it is interesting to observe the huge numbers of meadow pipits and skylarks in the area - skylarks are amber listed and meadow pipits (cold adapted) face a potentially significant threat from climate change. On...

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Similar to last year we have had a sustained period of easterly weather over the last two months. While these unseasonal winds brought warm dry weather, and a host of easterly vagrant migrants, it may also have had the same effect on tern ecology as last year, judging...

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Dawn Chorus 2017

Thanks to everyone who showed up at Creggan at the Poets Glen on 29th April (best bird: a raven giving a strange variety of calls) and Ballymascanlon hotel on 14th May (best bird: several very visible tree creppers). Breffni

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We have 20 to 30 birds flitting around and occasionally landing and prospecting, but little signs of serious courtship as yet. This year the site is particularly challenging in that sand is mounded up on the south end, with a large amount also piled over last years...

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Progress with the Fencing

Work has been steadily progressing with erecting the fencing. Right now mostly in the evenings from 6pm and at the weekends from morning. Wardening has not really started yet. We are seeing a few little terns flapping around and alighting but no sign of prospecting as...

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The 2017 Season Begins

We will start putting up the fencing on Saturday 22nd April 2017 if anyone is interested in lending a hand. This sill start with mapping out the likely nesting area, putting in posts and starting with the main fencing. If you are free just show up on site - details to...

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