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Other Visitors

Other Visitors While the little terns may not have shown up in force, there is still plenty to see down here at The Haven. We have had some fantastic wildlife sightings here over the last couple of weeks, it is a privilege to be able to spend so much time in such a... read more

Update 5/6/2016

So another week has gone by and we are still waiting for our little terns to come back and nest. Much thought is now going in to asking the question, why haven’t they turned up yet? One idea is that continuous strong easterly winds over the migration route could... read more

Update 1st June

Wardening of the little tern nesting area at Baltray Bay began on the 24th May.  We have had a very slow start to the breeding season here, with 18 terns observed in the area on one day being the highest count. Unfortunately we are still waiting our first nest but we... read more

Welcome to Kevin and Shane!

Kevin and Shane will be our little tern wardens this year. Shane Somers graduated from TCD in 2015 with a 2.1 in zoology. He has travelled to Madagascar for 6 weeks to carry out fieldwork for his dissertation in the summer of 2014, where he studied leaf-tailed geckos... read more

Where Are The Little Terns?

Having erected the fencing and prepared the site for the arrival of little terns we have been waiting three weeks for the little terns to show. We have had a few birds, 10 to 20 overflying and occasionally alighting but very little sign of prospection for nesting... read more