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 Little Terns 2010 
 Volunteers Needed!

The Little Terns return to Ireland in April.  The nesting season runs from May through to August.

We are looking for volunteers to help with the project.  Volunteers are needed mainly for wardening, but we also need help with erecting and dismantling the fencing for the nesting enclosure.

Wardening at Baltray is a very enjoyable way of spending part of your day.  It is a beautiful area and the birds are a pleasure to observe.

The duties of a warden consist mainly of:

  • Watching out for and chasing off predators, mainly hooded crows.
  • Alerting one of the team if there is any damage to the fence.
  • Guiding people away from the enclosure if they approach it and showing them the alternative walking route.
  • Giving out information to people about the project if they are interested.
  • Generally monitoring the behaviour of the Little Terns, noting if they seem particularly quiet or agitated etc.

Wardening requires no experience at all.  Any time whatsoever that can be given to the project will be greatly appreciated.  You can set up a regular slot or simply contact us whenever you have free time, we are happy to work around the times that suit you.  

If you would like to volunteer or would like further information please emailinfo@louthnaturetrust.org or phone 086 2434874.

If you can't join us, we are running a blog so check for regular updates.



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