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 Little Tern Project on RTE's The Zoo 

Local Avian Expert features on RTE’s The Zoo

Zookeeper, Louth Nature Trust Director and local avian expert, Peter Phillips will feature in RTE’s ‘The Zoo’ on Friday 25th February, at 7:30pm.

 ‘The Zoo’ is a groundbreaking Irish television series which follows the zookeepers of Dublin Zoo every step of the way on their exhilarating and emotional journey taking care of some of the world’s most fascinating exotic animals. From day to day zoo life and animal husbandry to the excitement and drama of births, deaths and unexpected emergencies, every episode is packed with drama and excitement.

 Peter, who lives in Ardee, works as an avian expert in the Birdhouses of Dublin Zoo.   Episode Four of The Zoo will feature not only Peter’s work in the zoo, with flamingos and penguins, but also the voluntary conservation work he does in Baltray with Louth Nature Trust. 

 Peter is one of the founding members of Louth Nature Trust (LNT).  LNT’s main activity over the past four years is the Little Tern Conservation Project in the Haven, Baltray.   Little terns are Ireland’s rarest breeding seabirds (approx 200 breeding couples in Ireland).   They travel from West Africa in early summer, breed in very specific locations.  There are just two significant breeding sites in Ireland, the Haven being one of these.  LNT with the assistance of National Parks & Wildlife Service, and The Heritage Council have been wardening, observing and reporting on this colony since 2007.   To date LNT’s conservation efforts have assisted in the successful fledging of 260 little tern chicks over the past four years. 

 Louth Nature Trust will once again welcome the little terns back to Baltray in April, and  with the help of volunteers and wardens, will protect these vulnerable visitors through their breeding season in Baltray over the summer. 

 Peter will visit some local Primary Schools as part the Coca-Cola Little Terns Awareness Art Competition to help spread awareness of our friendly little visitors to the East Coast. 

Information on The  Zoo can be found at www.thezoo.ie.   Information on Louth Nature Trust and the Little Tern Project can be found at www.louthnaturetrust.org.    Enjoy seeing Peter’s work in Dublin Zoo and Baltray on the television, on RTE 1, 7:30pm, Friday 25th February.



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