Chick Numbers Jump.

Busy times at The Haven with eggs hatching all over the place! After the count today we now have 43 chicks and 58 eggs. Possibly 2 of these eggs are infertile and will not hatch.  Numbers are expected to increase over the next week.

Hatching Continues

It’s all go with the Little Terns and we now have 17 chicks and 84 eggs in a total of 44 nests. Most of these new chicks have been hatched in nests that have more eggs yet to hatch, so the chick numbers should increase day by day. Aggressive is an understatement...

Update 21.06.09

All going well so far.  We marked a new nest today bringing the totals to 44 nests, 13 chicks and 88 eggs.  There will be spring tides this coming week but the weather forecast appears to be good, with no stormy or windy weather thank goodness.

Nesting and Hatching Continue

Plenty of activity at the Haven, Baltray.  We now have 92 eggs and 8 chicks hatched. There is 1 nest that appears to be abandoned (not included in above figures). We are pulling out all the stops to try and protect these nests and have put 24 hour wardening in place....