Similar to last year we have had a sustained period of easterly weather over the last two months. While these unseasonal winds brought warm dry weather, and a host of easterly vagrant migrants, it may also have had the same effect on tern ecology as last year, judging by what we are observing at Baltray. We have had up to 30birds flying around and occasionally alighting but not settling. Watching them forage would suggest very few sand eels with birds mainly picking up small sprats (except on day when Maurice say a minor feeding frenzy at the mouth of the river). The inference I that the birds are not yet in breeding condition. Reports today from Groniant would suggest many birds (over 100, and at least on confirmed nest with eggs (note that Groniant is less susceptible to easterlies, being west facing), so likely there is hope for the season yet.

On another tropic we could use wardens generally, particularly in the evening, because we have had a spate of vandalism around the site. This is not something we have observed in years past. In particular the caravan was vandalised so we are on the lookout for a replacement (in case anyone has a spare caravan in the back garden!)