The 2013 little tern season is now over and has been the most sucessful to date with nearly 200 chicks, more than twice the number from any previous year. In all probability this bumper crop of little terns was partly the result of much hard work in previous years (typically little terns breed in their third year but there is some evidence that some birds may breed in their second year).

The second big factor this year was good luck with weather and tides. In 2012 the season was a complete washout for most tern colonies due to easterly gales, cold temperatures and persistent rain; good weather is a big help!

The third major factor was the work on the ground this year. Therefore the Louth Nature Trust would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to our professional wardens: Maurice and Tony who were on night duty; Domhnall and Andrew who did the initial set-up and mapping of nests; and particularly Darren and Susan, who did the bulk of the day wardening on site.

Finally we would like to thank our dedicated volunteers, without whom none of this could have happened.