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Six nests North End – Volunteers Needed

We now have six nests and 13 eggs at the north end of the site - about 250 metres from the estuary where they more typically nest. We have erected a cordon and are working on electric fencing but badly need volunteer wardens. The chief threat is walkers and dogs at...

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Three Nests – Birds Sitting Tight

The last two weeks has seen the little tern flock vary from a maximum of about 50 bids, down to 30 at the weekend. A count on Thursday 24th May only produced eight birds, though there are several active ringed plover nests. However the big news is that yesterday May...

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Little Terns 2018

Following the disappointing season in 2017, and in light of the fact that it may have been caused by dredging (see our scientific report is reports section), and that dredging may continue unabated in 2018 (in accordance with the terms of the Drogheda Port foreshore...

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