While we wait for something to happen on the tern front it is interesting to observe the huge numbers of meadow pipits and skylarks in the area – skylarks are amber listed and meadow pipits (cold adapted) face a potentially significant threat from climate change. On the  tern front we are seeing between 5 and 10 birds hanging around the area most days. Last Friday 2nd June, saw the biggest number with over 30 birds flying around and at least one sitting at the southern end of the enclosure. What we are not seeing is ferns, gannets and auks/divers fishing at the mouth of the Boyne, which is worrying and may suggest that the problem is provisioning.

In other little tern sites there are reports of an uptick at Chesnil, Groniant and the Isle of Man, where the small colony reportedly split into several smaller colonies. Norfolk continues to have low numbers.