Another busy day at Baltray.  We now have a total of 62 chicks with 37 eggs yet to hatch.

The spring tide did encroach on the enclosed area but luckily did not take any nests or chicks that we could see.  On a walk around the sea side of the enclosure I did see a Ringed Plover chick that appeared to have drowned.

There was some damage to the electric fencing due to seaweed washed in on it but that has been cleared away now.

It’s good to see Ringed Plover chicks running around in the last week.  Last year the chicks were plentiful early on in June whereas this year we are only seeing them in the last week.

The Little Terns are more ferocious than we have seen before and all volunteers need to wear head protection as the terns are swooping down on people well outside the enclosed area.