We have had a mixed couple of weeks at Baltray. Early June  we had nine nests with 23 eggs, one oystercatcher nest with two eggs and a dozen or so ringed plover nests in and around the enclosure. Of these three nests and six eggs were lost in a spring tide, though the oystercatcher nest survived and two chicks hatched on the 17th June.. The little tern chicks started hatching 21st June but unfortunately a vixen with cubs raided and got three nets and four chicks. However in the following days two further nests were found. As of today we have at least 10 nests sitting and at least four chicks running around, probably more. Conditions look favourable for the current batch Рthe weather makes it look like a boom year with large numbers in other sites in the Irish sea.

If anybody has any spare time wardens are badly needed – please contact the site hotline: 0862434874.






Oystercatcher hatchling